The AT-UT 'Quadrop' was created with elements used in the construction of the AT-PT. Is conceived as a universal platform for moving large general purpose drive equipped only allows to move with the machine, Electronic 'core' issue commands allow actuators and several algorithms (start, stop, turn, parking) that you can call. The user can also equip your UT with additional sensors such as a camera, a set of sensors and the superior unit.

AT-UT is built on a an welded aluminum frame (50x20x2 mm) to which four pairs of two-leggs are attached. A leg of the UT is divided into two parts, attached into engine main shaft. The DC enginee with planetary transmission, motors the legs (the two front ones are larger). The DC engine (of Zeitlauf company) with bevel-geard differential is also used to motor the back part of leggs. UT has also the possibility to raise the leg up, this mechanism is built on thrust bearings and simple cam mechanism with small DC engine. The indicated solution appeared not to fulfill all the requirements, that is why it will be replaced by screw mechanism. Presently, only two legs have the mechanism of moving it up. The turning mechanism is based on two of ball bearings (their role is also to hold the wight of the leg) and a small DC enginee with a planetary transmition. The crucial element of the conformation is a wahliwa stopa, which can move round so the machine is able to turn.

Engines DC 12V and 24V, with a permanent magnet, motor the machine (the easiness of navigation, costs and a proper weight/power ratio). On the axis of the motor a potentiometer is set, that gives the position of a leg. Presently, a power supply is given from the outside source. Feeding of engines is done in the “stomach” of the machine, by the use of the bottom on DIN. Control voltage of 5V is received from two converters DC/DC situated on the “spine”. Electronics of UT is based on stems H and two Arduino Mega, which role is to control the generic system; they also have a list of navigation commends and the set of basic algorithms. The whole electronics system of navigation is situated on the edges of the machine and covered by an aluminum shell.

Basically, UT seems to be a successful project but contains some flaws that need to be worked on and eliminated in the future. The disadvantage is that the machine is to heavy – the weight should be decreased by at least 12 kilograms. The system is also about 15 centimeters to wide and a bit too high. The next version, UT-100, is going to be constructed without the mentioned flows.

Presently, I have been working on electronics and channel of the system. The works will be lasting for few months...

Weigth 42 kg
Length 1.1 m
Width 0,55m (back), 0,65 (front)
Height 1.1m
Legs 4
Drive Four DC electric motors with planetary gearbox
Four DC electric motors with axial gearbox
Two small DC motors with planetary gearbox
Motors 12
Supply 24V, 12V DC
capacity 10 kg
Command move - move the selected motor to a certain position
execute - calling built-in algorithm
Algorytmy parking, position '0', start, stop, skręt

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